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White Paper: Thermoplastics, metals and choosing the right material for 3D printing.

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Selecting the right material for 3D printing. Materials must be suited to the application in order to have successful results. The properties of any material become increasingly important as a product progresses from concept and functional prototyping to production.

3D printing is unique to all other manufacturing processes, so the material properties and characteristics of parts that it produces are different, even when using a nearly identical alloy or thermoplastic. Recognising this difference, Proto Labs’ white paper aids in the characterisation, and ultimately the selection, of materials from three widely used industrial 3D printing processes: direct metal laser sintering, selective laser sintering and stereolithography

  • Explore the properties of different thermoplastic and metals available with 3D printing.
  • Choose an effective material for your 3D printed part.
  • Overcome inadequate material properties by designing for 3D printing.

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