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Transforming existing hotels to net zero carbon

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Learn from this real-life case study on how to reduce operational energy to achieve net-zero carbon.

This white paper, produced in collaboration with Arup, Gleeds and IHG, tackles the operational net-zero carbon challenge for existing hotels using a real-life case study to demonstrate the impact of each stage in the journey. It sets out a high-level framework, prioritising different interventions throughout the lifecycle with the goal of achieving net-zero carbon in an existing hotel by 2050 in order to meet new regulatory requirements.

The study focuses on reducing operational energy to achieve net-zero carbon; also considered is the embodied carbon impact of interventions, and how that compares to building new.

Key Learning Points:

  • Reduce operational energy to achieve net-zero carbon
  • Consider the embodied carbon impact of interventions
  • Transform existing buildings to net zero, in comparison to building new ones

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