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Scalable power transceiver solution for critical comms

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Find out more about Analog Devices’ newest generation software-defined radio transceiver that offers great flexibility in power and performance trade-offs, which is a key to achieve success in mission critical communications. Thoroughly understanding the associated performance trade-offs with each power saving option is critical for engineers to design the best system power saving strategy.

This article discusses multiple options of the power and performance trade-offs offered by Analog Devices’ newest generation software-defined radio (SDR) transceiver, the ADRV9001. The new transceiver solution has been designed to provide scalable power and performance for many satellite, military, land mobile, utility infrastructure, and cellular mission critical communications.

The article showcases the power saving for each option and explains the associated performance cost. Thoroughly understanding the trade-offs empowers engineers to design the best system power saving strategy to achieve both the optimal power consumption and a satisfactory system performance.

Key Learning Points:

  • Understanding the power saving options offered by Analog Devices´ newest SDR transceiver.
  • Understanding the associated performance trade-offs for each power saving option.
  • Generating the optimal system power saving strategy based on users’ own applications to provide mission critical communications.

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