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White Paper: The new Volvo 235hp diesel engine with extreme take-off performance

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An in-depth technical study about the new PowerPulse diesel engine

During 2016 Volvo Cars will launch an updated top-of-the-line diesel engine that will offer both increased peak power with improved performance feel. The key technology for this state-of-the-art transient performance is a unique system for eliminating turbo lag called PowerPulse. The technology has been an in-house development and was taken from concept to production in record time, demonstrating Volvo’s fast and nimble approach. This case study details the stages of development, as well as the techniques employed to achieve the final product.

Download this in-depth case study to understand:

• The innovations made during the development of this revolutionary system
• How these innovations can help manufacturers improve engine performance
• How to ensure optimum engine efficiency

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