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Matching loads in LV assemblies with the electrical installation

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The means of coordinating current ratings in low-voltage assemblies with those required by the electrical installation is not clearly defined. By the introduction of a new characteristic, the newly published version BS EN 61439-2 Ed 2 provides an opportunity for improvement, assuming specifiers and manufacturer fully understand and embrace the change as detailed in this paper.

BE EN IEC 61439-2 Edition 3: 2021 is the reference for industrial and commercial low-voltage assemblies. Compared with the previous edition it includes one very significant change, the introduction of a new characteristic, ‘group rated current of a main circuit of an assembly’.

This paper suggests ways in which the new characteristic enables the installation designer and assembly manufacturer to work together in a partnership to achieve a cost-effective assembly without compromising the needs of the installation.

Key Learning Points:

  • The importance of correctly specifying the design current ratings within an installation
  • The assembly manufacturer’s responsibilities for thermal performance when designing and manufacturing a low-voltage assembly
  • How to optimise a low-voltage assembly with the needs of the electrical installation

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