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Preparing your cabling for Power over Ethernet.

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There is no denying the window of opportunity PoE technology has created, however the need for power and data through a singular cable has caused additional infrastructure considerations. Utilising existing cable structures reduces installation time and money, however in order to do this the cable needs to be fit to accommodate the additional current being transmitted.

Power over Ethernet has undeniably created many opportunities for lots of industries, allowing businesses to streamline their processes and remain competitive in the forever digitalising market. Despite improving installation flexibility and reducing costs PoE can only be adopted where the cabling infrastructure is fit to accommodate the delivery of both data and power through the use of a singular cable. This article will discuss the movement of PoE and the importance of cable testing when migrating into PoE driven devices.

Key Learning Points:

  • Innovation surrounding PoE
  • Data cable considerations
  • Importance of high-quality cable and testing


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