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Model-based thermal design for smaller, efficient electronic devices

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Thermal design techniques for higher integration and downsizing of electronic devices

With higher performance demands than ever, electronic devices such as mobiles, cameras, and vehicle mounted ECUs are becoming more integrated with sophisticated electronics. In parallel, the pressure to further miniaturise, and therefore densify electronic devices is exacerbating the problem of overheating.

By employing system-level modelling (or 1D simulation) software in the design process thermal design can begin much earlier and large amounts of optimisation can take place before investing in the first physical build. These techniques are helping to ensure safe, effective products for the future of high-performance electronics.

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  • Learn how to quickly model heat transfer in electronic devices using advanced system-level modelling software such as MapleSim.
  • Discover how to apply the Thermal Network Method (TNM) to system-level models.
  • See how the Modelica Standard Library within MapleSim enables the exploration and analysis of thermal systems.

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