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Engineers - Stop Doing Algebra by Hand!

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Computer algebra systems mechanise equation manipulation, reducing the need for human involvement and hence eliminate a source of risk. Pioneered originally by mathematicians and physicists, they are now more capable than ever to address a full range of engineering problems.

This whitepaper walks the reader through the benefits of mechanising equation manipulation across a full range of engineering problems with a computer algebra system such as Maple.

Manual equation manipulation is labour intensive, time consuming, and notoriously prone to error. Simply put, doing algebra by hand is expensive. When faced with expensive processes, engineers find ways to mechanise and cut costs. Maths should be no different.

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  • Understand the benefits of computer algebra systems in the context of various engineering domains.
  • See how symbolic computation offers simplified solutions for many engineering tasks.
  • Learn how to use calculation management software to reduce the overall amount of errors commonly associated with working by hand.

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