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Make your next move a SMARC one - The next platform for modular embedded x86 or ARM solutions

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Learn why you should consider the latest version 2.0 of SMARC for your next design and why it is becoming the de facto standard for many projects because of its small form factor, low energy consumption, low profile, low cost and high performance.

The SMARC modules are used as components in mobile and stationary embedded systems. The module contains the processor, main memory, boot flash memory, board management controller, the CPU power supply, a Gigabit Ethernet controller and, if necessary, an LVDS display transmitter. The modules are combined with application-specific carrier boards. This allows additional functions such as audio codecs, a touch controller or a wireless link to be implemented.

  • Advantages of using SMARC against other standards such as COM Express or Q7.
  • Physical dimensions of SMARC.
  • Typical case uses for SMARC (IoT, smart grid, medical, industrial, building automation, telecommunications, transportation, gaming)


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