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How to specify cast resin transformers for commercial and industrial buildings

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To deliver maximum advantage to their customers and their own businesses, designers and specifiers of electrical distribution systems for commercial and industrial buildings should pay close attention to how they select transformers.

This paper provides guidance around key criteria to consider during the transformer design process that help achieve better safety, service continuity, energy efficiency, compliance, sustainability, and capex optimization while not losing sight of the importance of the resulting operating costs that strongly impact end-user satisfaction.

Key Learning Points:

  • The benefits of designing transformers with opex in mind extend to specifiers and designers as well.
  • Delivering state-of-the-art transformers designed according to specific parameters that maximize value can also differentiate suppliers in the marketplace and help boost business.
  • Those parameters include the rated power, losses, insulation level, degree of protection, fire behaviour, seismic behaviour, and conformity to standards, and each must be considered during the electrical design stage of any commercial or industrial building project.

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