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White Paper: How to develop Real-Time Battery Models for HIL testing of Battery Management Systems (BMS)

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Developing high-fidelity battery pack models capable of execution on a real-time platform.

For testing Battery Management Systems (BMS), the use of “virtual” batteries is proving to be an effective alternative to the use of real batteries. They allow the engineer to avoid the risks of damage to the batteries - and subsequent costs - while testing and optimising the BMS design in a close-to-reality loading environment. So how do you develop a high-fidelity battery pack model capable of being executed on a real-time platform? Maplesoft explains…Download this research report to understand:

  • The loading effect on the battery as it undergoes many different duty cycles and how the battery will behave as part of the greater system.
  • Heat flow in the battery - how rising temperature and age affects efficiency, and what critical factors could cause thermal runaway.
  • How to adjust your designs to optimise performance and reduce the risk of undesirable effects by taking battery behaviour into account early in your design process.

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