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How 5G will influence autonomous driving systems

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Understanding the benefits and limitations of vehicle-to-x technologies.

5G autonomous driving will dramatically strengthen the capabilities of self-driving vehicles. Wireless communication technologies promise to enable safer driving for autonomous vehicles, enabled by new automotive innovations.

Although 802.11p DSRC is ready to be deployed now, it requires huge investments to install numerous access points along miles of roads. On the other hand, major wireless companies are diligently working to bring 5G autonomous driving technologies into real-world application with LTE technologies bridging the transition to mainstream 5G cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) adoption.

Key learning outcomes: 

  • Understand the benefits and lim­itations of vehicle-to-X technologies.
  • Learn how the ecosystem of a variety of sensing methods are connected.
  • Understand why and how 5G is making ADAS and autonomous vehicle developments possible

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