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Fast-tracking safe autonomous vehicles using engineering simulation

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A comprehensive whitepaper for simulating autonomous vehicles, from components to systems.

In this whitepaper you will learn the critical engineering challenges that need to be overcome is demonstrating compliance with safety requirements. Research has shown that for a self-driving car, this could take between 8 billion and 11 billion miles of road testing. Because physical testing is clearly not a practical solution.  Autonomous vehicle makers are turning to “simulated miles driven, flown or maneuvered” as an alternative means of performing the required testing in a reasonable timeframe. 

Download this paper to learn:

  • Understanding and modelling the system is critical from component level, Embedded software for safety and electronics reliability
  • The only viable solution to test 8-11 billion miles of road testing is through Simulation
  • Delivering the promise of autonomous vehicles requires validating performance against safety through simulation.

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