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Ensuring performance of connected home electronic products

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Download this white paper to discover how wireless coexistence testing can help the consumer electronic industry meet regulatory requirements without sacrificing user experience.

Home appliance products are rapidly changing. Wireless speaker systems, thermostats, security, smoke/CO detectors, lighting, refrigerators and laundry machines – all these products now feature an integrated wireless communication module that supports some form of WLAN, LPWAN or Bluetooth® technology.

However, these improved connectivity features bring new challenges and compliance requirements. And products failing to meet regulatory requirements could incur fines or even a stop sale order.

Most connectivity technologies (WLAN, Bluetooth®, etc.) operate in the 2.4 GHz ISM band. But other connected systems in the receiver’s vicinity may transmit on overlapping frequencies, degrading receiver performance. This is known in the RF industry as the wireless coexistence problem, which significantly affects user experience.

This white paper reveals how the Rohde and Schwarz wireless testing solution aligns coexistence and user experience to guarantee high quality service in real-world use, whilst meeting security and product compliances for a risk-free market introduction.

Available to IET members and non-members. Register for this free white paper click here.

3 key learning outcomes:

  • Defining DUTs intended use to identify the baseline EM environment and worst-case RF scenario for test recreation
  • Carrying out a baseline functional performance test for relevant KPIs (e.g. throughput data rate, PER, BLER, video and audio performance)
  • How the R&S®CMW500 radio communication tester eliminates noncellular networks to establish an active end-to-end connection

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