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Scale deployment of sustainable, resilient data centres at the network edge

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To support the growth of data-intensive and ultra-low latency applications, local edge data centres must be scaled out in a wide range of environments.

Deploying distributed network edge data centres at scale has unique challenges related to power and cooling, remote management, environmental impact and cybersecurity, due to a wide variety of locations and environments. Data centre owners and operators must elevate sustainability from a concern, to a core value to minimise energy use, GHG (greenhouse gas) emissions, and waste. These data centres must also be designed to meet resiliency and performance targets.

This white paper looks at best practices to deploy sustainable and resilient data centres at scale at the network edge.

Key Learning Points:

  • What is the network edge?
  • How the telco cloud and IT cloud architectures will converge into a single and complementary architecture.
  • Different distributed local edge data centres that are the building blocks of this convergence.
  • Best practices to deploy sustainable and resilient distributed local edge data centres at scale, at the network edge.

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