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White Paper: A Guide to the MISRA Coding Standard: What you need to know

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An outline of how the MISRA C coding guidelines will affect you

Compliance to MISRA is required across the automotive industry, but is taking root in many other industries.  Because MISRA was developed to provide a recognized standard to ensure safety critical systems are free of coding defects, organizations in a variety of industries are demanding that software is developed in accordance with the MISRA standard.  Do you know how MISRA compliance requirements will impact your development process and supplier relationship?  We outline how the MISRA C coding guidelines will affect you.

  • Motivating factors driving the adoption of MISRA
  • Why C and C++ are not ideal languages for safety critical code, and how they can be used effectively to develop reliable software  based on a subset of the language
  • Why you need static code analysis to provide consistent enforcement

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