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To simulate or not to simulate? 100 UK manufacturing decision makers reveal their answers

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The simulation software company Visual Components have commissioned independent Research House OnePoll to gather the opinions of 100 professionals across UK manufacturing to ascertain the current trends in the manufacturing sector. They were each asked 20 questions on various topics. Register to watch this free webinar recorded with live Q&A on 2nd November.

Join us for this webinar to go through the 5 Key Findings of the research and discuss them with a couple of special VIP guests. Topics include cost management, sustainability management, avoidance of errors and costs, digitisation through supporting technologies, simulation software it’s important role and business benefits.

Register for this webinar to:

  • Understand current trends in UK manufacturing; eliminating avoidable mistakes, sustainability, and the role of simulation software
  • Gain insights from 100 UK manufacturing professionals
  • Hear from Stephen Robbie, Operations Director of PR Automation discuss his experiences
  • Learn how to improve and futureproof UK manufacturing

Recorded with live Q&A on 2nd November 2021 – watch on demand - register your interest 

This free webinar is available for IET members and non-members.

Should you have any specific queries please email Danielle Thomasson at dthomasson@theiet.org

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