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Creo Product Insight – Replace Design Assumptions with Facts

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The Internet of Things is transforming the entire industrial ecosystem, specifically companies who create, operate and service smart, connected products.

This transformation is shifting the sources of value and differentiation to software, the cloud, and service, while spawning entirely new business models.

To capture this great wave of value creation opportunity, those in the industrial ecosystem have an urgent need to rethink nearly everything — from how products are created, manufactured, sold, operated, and serviced.

In this webinar, attendees will discover how to create better products with Creo Product Insight and the power of the IoT, as well as how to validate design requirements by pulling real-world data into Creo which improves the design process for new and existing products. The software also optimizes sensor usage, helping you develop new smart connected products.

Why you should attend:

  • Learn how to validate design requirements by replacing assumptions with real world data.
  • Understand how to ensure new product designs provide the necessary data streams.
  • Improve the quality of current and next-generation products by identifying and correcting design flaws.

Key learning outcomes from the webinar:

  • Decreased reliance on physical prototyping, reducing costs in the process.
  • Easily identify business opportunities for new products, features, or product extensions.

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