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Electric Vehicle Infrastructure: Supercharged Solutions

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This activity can contribute towards your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as part of the IET's CPD monitoring scheme

Join our webinar for an overview on charging solutions, where they are used & the market differences, the related standardisations, power electronic solutions and protection devices. Recorded with live Q&A on Tuesday 17th September 2019, available on demand.

The world of eMobility is rapidly evolving, and further build-out of the charging infrastructure will enable growth in adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). Finding the right combination of solutions for charging systems can be challenging.

Whether you’re developing AC charging systems or DC fast chargers, you need solutions that can help you meet three critical goals: safety, efficiency, and reliability.

In this webinar you will learn about:

  • Over Voltage Protection
  • AC and DC High Speed overcurrent solutions
  • Power Semiconductor 
  • Ground fault sensitive residual current monitoring for AC and DC EV charging stations
  • Thermal protection requirements and solutions

Recorded with live Q&A on Tuesday 17th September 2019, available on demand - register your interest 

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