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How can we design batteries that charge faster?

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The safety, lifetime, energy density and charge/discharge time of batteries need to improve before they are suitable for the storage of renewable electricity, drive train electrification and making portable devices more sustainable. If you want to learn about optimising battery designs, then tune into this webinar recorded on 14th May 2020, available on demand now.

Improving batteries is complex due to the interplay of solid-state physics, chemistry, electronics, mechanics, material science and manufacturing - each with different length scales ranging from the nano- to macroscale. Also, the number of parameters that influence battery performance is very broad. Numerical models of batteries are an excellent tool to investigate the most influential battery parameters and their limits, and a multiphysics approach can be used to account for the many contributing factors to a battery’s design.

Join us for this webinar to learn about:

  • The basic Newman model of a battery cell, which can be used to predict its final experimental performance.
  • How to fit battery models to experimental data using objective function optimisation methods.
  • How modelling provides insight into what happens inside a battery cell, which is difficult to achieve experimentally. The webinar will also feature an expanded 3D battery model for predicting battery cell performance.
  • Benefits of using a multiphysics simulation approach with COMSOL Multiphysics®.

Recorded on 14th May 2020, watch on demand now - register your interest

This free webinar is available for IET members and non-members.

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