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Digital engineering in the real world: revolutionising rail infrastructure

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Come to learn how digital engineering is revolutionising rail infrastructure and how mega projects are delivered. Join us for this two hour webinar where you will hear from industry leaders about how digital engineering is shaking up our approach to running UK rail.

Digital engineering is transforming the world around us. Its impact on our national infrastructure, and rail in particular, is only now being seen and there are some amazing lessons that will be shared in this webinar that will help you see even more about its potential and what it can bring to your work.

It’s not just business that sees its importance – government is putting digital engineering at the heart of its approach, as can be seen with the procurement approach for HS2. Its practical cross-sector application and interoperability between assets will be fascinating to witness.

However, getting an industry to change how it’s always done things is no mean feat. That was the challenge most recently faced by Mark Wild of Crossrail. Opening this summer, Mark will talk you through how the application of digital engineering has enabled the project to refocus and deliver London’s newest railway.

Its application throughout the project lifecycle is also important. The webinar will share valuable insights into how collaboration with small and medium enterprises (SMEs)with specific skills, such as simulation technology, can be harnessed to make real cost savings, by testing and retesting individual parts and the integrated system in the virtual world, before any physical interventions are made.

We’re going to share how, right here and right now, digital engineering is improving journeys for hundreds of rail users every day, all across the country. On the East Coast digital programme, we’re using augmented and virtual reality to improve operation and maintenance regimes. The data we’re gathering is enabling us to run trains more efficiently, leading to reductions in carbon and improving journey times.

There are some very exciting developments that we want to share so please join us for to see what is happening today to give you a taste of how you can impact major change in the future.

Key Learning Points:

  • Come to learn more about the importance of digital engineering in a real-world context, how valuable lessons are being applied and how that is improving how projects are scoped and deliver.
  • The webinar will give you practical, technical advice about what has been learned on Crossrail and other high-profile projects in the rail sector, and how you can apply this to your upcoming work.
  • Collaboration is king in this new world so come to see how Siemens Mobility has added real value to its clients across the UK, delivering amazing benefits for rail users.
  • This is a fast-growing field so Siemens Mobility wants to share the expertise we’re gaining and help you deliver better outcomes for your clients.
  • From Crossrail to the East Coast Main Line, we will talk about how we have developed digital twins, used augmented and virtual reality and simulation to develop our ideas.

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