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Driving the best results from your data acquisition signal chain design

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Watch this E&T webinar to learn some key ideas around signal chain optimisation and discover the best methods in achieving the required performance for your signal chain design. Recorded with live Q&A on 20th January 2021, available on demand.

Simply combining precision ADCs and high precision voltage references alone does not directly translate to the highest accuracy signal chain, and for many data acquisition systems used in instrumentation, industrial automation, medical devices and power line monitoring applications, precision is everything.

Title: Driving the best results from your data acquisition signal chain design

Duration: 45 minutes + Q&A

Recorded with live Q&A on 20th January 2021, watch on demand - register your interest

Join this webinar to get some key ideas:

  • The reference voltage's impact on the overall measurement accuracy
  • The challenges associated with driving the ADC's reference input
  • Common ADC reference driving solutions
  • New ADC technologies that ease the reference driving challenge

This free webinar is available for IET members and non-members.

Should you have any specific query please email Alex Macleod at amacleod@theiet.org

Your speaker

We're delighted to introduce you to Ren, Naiqian an applications engineer with Analog Devices Inc.

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