CIRED Presents: a discussion on the energy distribution landscape

The power distribution industry is currently at the forefront of innovation and research and with the challenges of COVID-19, these developments are now moving faster than ever. On 19 August 2020, join us for a very special webinar with the Chair of the CIRED Technical Committee as well as representatives from all six CIRED technical sessions.

This is also an opportunity for you! We want you to help shape the discussion and have our experts answer the most pressing questions you are currently facing.


Topics that could be covered during this event include:

  • The challenges and learnings of COVID-19 and how this will impact the future
  • Sustainability in the distribution system
  • The energy transition and what it means for DSOs
  • Microgrids and energy communities
  • Smart cities
  • Digitalisation, IoT, cyber security or AI
  • How can DSOs support sector coupling?
  • Local energy systems - the role of the DSO?
  • DSOs and TSOs working together - what are the challenges and benefits?

If you have any thoughts, or are working with any of the above topics, then this event is a must-attend for you.

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