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The UK embedded industry is a niche, yet well-defined landscape. It is a close-knit community of professionals who, when given the chance to come together and explore new ideas and technological advances, keep innovation high on the UK agenda. Register to join us on 12th May 2022.

The UK embedded event calendar has changed dramatically in the last decade. There are fewer large “expo” style events and many smaller one-day technical conferences. The gap between these micro-events and the expo events is wide and leaves us with a huge opportunity to benefit this world-leading workforce.

UKEmbedded seizes the opportunity to host a medium-sized technical conference which will be held on the 12th May 2022 in Coventry. The focus is on knowledge-sharing, collaboration and technical content. This strong agenda which features some of the embedded industry’s finest will be supported with an carefully profiled exhibition, and workshop-style training.

Content rich agenda

The day will deliver a balanced agenda covering many of the key areas affecting the embedded space at the moment. Topics such as developing in Rust, MQTT-SN for IoT, data consistency and the spread of safety standards from traditional automotive applications into industrial applications and more. This is accompanied by training workshops designed to add even greater depth of knowledge while the exhibition and networking element of the day supports all that high-quality content with interactive and innovative displays. The exhibition and speakers are equally high-calibre names and faces including Renesas, ST, Gliwa, LDRA, Infineon, QA Systems, Ferrous Systems, u-blox, Arm, embeddedpro, Anglia, DSL, EBVElektronik and more still coming on board. The event is also being supported by The IET and New Electronics. IET members can use the day towards their Continuous Personal Development membership requirements as well. 

The full agenda can be found at www.ukembedded.co.uk/agenda, along with information on the speakers themselves.

Workshop-style training

There are 2 half-day training workshops. EBV Elektronik is covering “An introduction to embedded processor technologies in Xilinx FPGA solutions” and Bermondsey Electronics is taking us on a journey with “It's integration testing, but not as we know it..!” which will explore a unique approach to unit testing. Both sessions include hardware to take away as well as course materials.

More details for both sessions can be found at https://www.ukembedded.co.uk/training. Spaces are strictly limited so we advise early booking.

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Efficient use of time away from the office – either on-site or at home

Experience from similar events has shown that a highly technical agenda is the most productive for attendees. With roadmaps and sales pitches actively discouraged in these talks, the emphasis is purely on sharing knowledge and expertise so that everyone can benefit. Other events that follow this formula have been growing in strength every year – even during lockdown when they went online! By covering highly relevant and current topics, with the talks being delivered by the highest calibre of engineering minds in our field, we know the content will allow each person to leave with new knowledge and fresh ideas to apply to their current or future projects and developments. 

Why should YOU attend UKEmbedded?

1-day events such as this provide a focussed platform away from the distractions of work to take on a varied yet highly valuable amount of information in a short space of time. The quality of the agenda ensures that it is not just “time out of the office”, but time invested in keeping skills, projects and the embedded industry as a whole moving forwards with world-leading innovative thinking and developments. With the recent supply chain challenges, embedded engineers are having to re-think how projects are tackled. Re-working designs, obsolescence and shortages have changed entire development processes with re-engineering at the forefront.

Back in person at last – safely

While online events have facilitated a lot of positive communication during the course of the recent pandemic, you just can’t beat being able to meet and chat in person. To be able to pick up new development boards or see software in action on an interactive demo just cannot be replicated online. Those conversations and discussions that are sparked by a question or thought and launch a whole new discussion over a bacon sandwich or cup of coffee are the most productive and valuable part of the day. Humans need in-person interaction, even engineers!

We have selected the venue to address the concerns some may have over meeting in person. The rooms are large and airy with plenty of fresh air, space and light. While we are now moving on again, everyone’s comfort is being kept in mind, leaving you free to relax and enjoy the day.

Secure your place today

The event itself is free to attend with just a small fee to pay to secure a place on the training courses due to their limited nature and to cover costs. Read the agenda, speaker line-up and how to register at https://www.ukembedded.co.uk/

Register here



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