New Study – Seamless Connectivity Fuels Industrial Innovation

There is a pressing and largely unmet need for reliable network connectivity in harsh, complex, and sometimes remote manufacturing environments. Network reliability is key to turning industrial data into insights that lead to smart decision-making and ultimately, to better business outcomes.

For many manufacturers, operational processes have historically been designed with the assumption that staff will be on-site all the time. The disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the evolution of advanced network connectivity and connected assets and technologies, have accelerated long overdue modernisation and digitisation efforts across the manufacturing industry. Today and tomorrow´s manufacturing leaders are tossing aside processes designed to ossify cost control, efficiency, and predictability, and replacing them with those that emphasise flexibility, innovation, and resilience.

Forrester Consulting, on behalf on Analog Devices, evaluated the state of industrial modernisation, including the efforts to improve network reliability. 312 senior manufacturing leaders responsible for defining industrial connectivity strategies within their respective organisations were surveyed to explore this topic.

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