What you can expect at Demystifying EMC, 28th January 2019

This niche conference provides one of the best opportunities to start the new year by engaging positively with the electromagnetics community and current issues. The event is hosted by a team from EMC test & measurement experts Rohde & Schwarz, along with their training partners including The IET.

Changes to EMC and RED; Keeping Focus on Compliance

Whatever the UK’s future relationship with the EU, European directives will continue to profoundly affect the way products are designed in the UK and marketed domestically and abroad. The directives are often complex and refer to large numbers of individual standards, which can take a long time to understand and learn. They are also liable to be updated or even replaced, and product manufacturers must keep up to speed with whatever changes have occurred.

 Take Time to Learn

Recently, two of the most important regulations that apply to electrical products have changed significantly as new directives on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC, 2014/30/EU) and the radio equipment directive (RED, 2014/53/EU) came into force during 2016. The updates are part of the EU’s ongoing program to bring directives into line with its New Legislative Framework (NLF). The NLF itself was created in 2008, as a replacement for the former “New Approach” to legislation, to better support the needs of the single market.

Against this backdrop, EMC and RED not only introduce new technical requirements, but also include measures to support tougher market surveillance, which is a guiding principle of the NLF. Each product on the market must have a declaration of conformity supported by technical documentation that details the standards against which it has been tested. Poor documentation is a major reason many products are found to be non-compliant, and there are no loopholes – the NLF places obligations on all economic operators in the supply chain, including not only the product manufacturer but also appointed representatives, agents and distributors in the EU.

 Constant Vigilance

Making sure documentation is correct and up to date demands constant vigilance and attention to detail. The directives refer to many European EN standards that govern product performance and safety, which can themselves be liable to change with minimal - if any - notice. The documentation must refer to properly dated standards, and re-testing is sometimes necessary. Ideally, companies should appoint a compliance specialist to take responsibility for ensuring that products meet the technical requirements and maintaining the documentation for inspection by market surveillance officers at any time.

Because of the complexity of the directives, it is important for these specialists to take part in the expert communities that focus on EMC and radio-equipment compliance issues. Training and opportunities for community members to network with each other are vital. The IET presents an annual seminar on the subject, and many other well-known organisations and companies also offer events.

 Join the Compliance Community

Among these, Demystifying EMC provides one of the best opportunities to start the new year by engaging positively with the community and the issues. This annual event, celebrating its fifth running in January 2019, is hosted by a team from EMC test and measurement experts Rohde & Schwarz, along with their training partners. There is no fee to attend, and plenty of opportunity to engage with industry experts and network informally with peers.

For further details and to register online visit: http://rohde-schwarz.com/emcuk2019 

 Practical Knowhow

This year’s program contains university-level practical sessions that show how to identify obscure and elusive causes of interference. Delegates can also find out about techniques and materials for EMI absorption. Other presentations will go into the fine detail of the latest directives, explain how to apply the right standards and handle engineering-led design changes, and compare and contrast approaches for testing engineering integrity and compliance-worthiness. There is even a look at life beyond the EU, in presentations on international standardisation work at IEC/CISPR level and how to prepare for market-access challenges after Brexit.

 Application Oriented

There will also be presentations on issues such as EMC for medical devices, RED for automotive applications and collocated radio transceivers, and compliance in the context of extremely high frequency (EHF) millimeter-wave applications in the 30GHz to 300GHz range, which include high-speed communications, automotive radar, and security scanning.

 Extended Focus

This year’s Demystifying EMC will also consider electromagnetic field (EMF) safety. New EU regulations have come into force in the same timeframe as the current EMC and RED, aiming to prevent workers being exposed to strong EMF while carrying out their duties. Another presentation examining EMC compliance in relation to fixed installations will look at how RF and EMF surveys are becoming an important part of building projects to assess levels in relation to specified human exposure limits.

The day is packed with training, education, and networking opportunities. It’s not only free to attend, but also counts towards Continued Professional Development (CPD) certification with The IET. 

 More information

Rohde & Schwarz’s Demystifying EMC seminar takes place on Monday 28 January 2019 at The Silverstone Wing, Silverstone Race Track, Northamptonshire.

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