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PTC iRobot ready for the IoT era

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This activity can contribute towards your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as part of the IET's CPD monitoring scheme

Discover how to streamline your product development for the IoT era.

Watch “iRobot’s Journey to Product Nirvana”, to learn how iRobot transformed their own product development processes.  This includes Bill of Materials (BOM), creating digital product definitions, providing universal data access to the whole organization, and more.

iRobot’s Steve Drzewiczewski, Senior Manager of Collaborative Applications, and Kevin Wrenn, PTC’s Divisional Vice President and General Manager of the Product Lifecycle Management Segment discuss how iRobot was able to break down the barriers between engineering and operations to save time and reduce cost.

Key learning outcomes from the webinar:

  • Using a real-world case study, discover how to reduce development cycles
  • Empower your engineers with universal access to product data
  • Learn about key time and cost-saving measures that you can implement in your work

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