E&T panel debate: IoT smart tech, behind the scenes

Recorded as part of this year’s Birmingham Tech Week, Dickon Ross, editor in chief of E&T magazine chaired a panel discussion asking what are the IoT trends, how do these trends impact software, robotics & machine development and what’s the relationship between smart home tech and industrial IoT tech.

Smart tech at home gets all the publicity and exposure in the media through blogs and advertising and therefore smart tech might just be considered as devices at home connected to the internet. However, the really interesting and exciting development happens behind closed doors in offices and factories. How does industrial manufacturing use the internet of things to push engineering boundaries? How are engineers using software to design these advances?

To celebrate that Birmingham has the largest 5G coverage of any UK city we wanted to discuss something which could depend on 5G that has an impact particularly for the new digital design & manufacturing facilities springing up all over the West Midlands.

Birmingham Tech Week was created to inspire everyone (engineer, maker hobbyist and anyone just interested in tech), celebrate our collective success and come together in the spirit of collaboration. The week was 12-16 October 2020 and E&T plans to do more with Tech Week over the coming months.

The panel:

  • Dickon Ross, E&T Magazine (chair)
  • Lori Liu, Rolls Royce
  • Nikesh Mistry, Gambica
  • Julian Ware, ABB Robotics
  • Robbie Balcombe, COMSOL UK
  • Nicola Campagna, Comau

Learn about the current state of industrial IoT digital design & manufacturing and future trends by watching the video below.


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