IET Promoted - Manufacturing and Automation at Smart Factory Expo 2019

The two-day exhibition and conference which took place at Liverpool’s prestigious exhibition centre in November provided the perfect opportunity for manufacturers to come together and share their thoughts on the sector. We interviewed several influencers, including Marcus Burton MBE of Mazak, all captured on camera.

The IET's exhibition stand, located in the heart of the Smart Factory Expo alongside Siemens, Mazak, RS Components and Dell Technologies, enjoyed a constant stream of delegates, visitors and exhibitors. There was no shortage of talking points and hot topics to discuss. Find out what people had to say by watching these video shorts covering the adoption & implementation of digital technology, the trends of change in manufacturing job roles, and improving productivity. Thanks to everyone who agreed to take part.

In Conversation with Marcus Burton MBE on Manufacturing

Adopting digital technologies has been key to advancing UK manufacturing. We spoke to Marcus Burton MBE, the recent winner of the Mensworth Gold Medal at the IET’s Achievement Awards, to get his perspective on both the challenges and opportunities the future of manufacturing holds.

Where to start when adopting digital technologies within your manufacturing business?

Manufacturers are increasingly turning to digital technologies to improve their productivity. We spoke to committee executives of IET's Design & Manufacturing sector Jeremy Hadall (chair) and John Patsavellas, plus other leading industry experts, to get their advice on where manufacturers, who are keen to explore the opportunities, should start their journey.

How will manufacturing engineering job roles change in the future?

How will manufacturing engineering job roles change in the future? Which skills will manufacturing engineers need to see their careers rise, shine and thrive? We spoke to Jeremy Hadall, Dr Graham Herries and other leading industry experts to get their take on what the future may hold.

Which technologies will benefit our manufacturing business the most?

The rise in adoption of a vast range of digital technologies within manufacturing industry is enabling owners, managers and engineers alike to improve productivity, products and profits. But which technologies are providing the biggest boost? We spoke to leading industry experts to get their take on the tech.

Passionate about manufacturing, the IET is delighted to champion the sector, and the many men & women working in it to engineer a better world. Find out what the IET has to offer manufacturing champions by visiting this page on our website.

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