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Finally, there’s a tailored management course for engineers - and it’s online

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In today’s constantly changing world, it is vital to be consistently innovative in all areas of engineering. Technology is disrupting our world daily - and tomorrow's engineering leaders are expected to not only recognise this but effectively lead through disruption and change.

To do this, engineers must keep up-to-date with current issues and solutions in the sector while also updating their skillset through further learning and networking. But how can you find the time in your busy career to propel your work forward? Online learning makes this a reality by allowing you to study flexibly alongside your career - you can continue to work your way up without the need to take a break.

At the University of Leeds, exciting work is being done that will put engineers at the forefront of the future of the industry while also preparing you for a management position. All of the university’s leading engineering schools are ranked in the UK top 10 (Guardian University League 2020). The faculty team are engaged with industry, private companies and public research bodies, which helps ensure the skills you’re learning are the skills employers need.

The new online Engineering Management MSc course offers innovative modules, such as ‘Emerging and Disruptive Technologies’, as just one example of how you’ll be introduced to new concepts and ideas that are key to your career progression. 

Embracing Industry Innovation

“What is it about our Masters in Engineering Management that sets the course apart from others in the market? I believe it's the unique combination of traditional engineering management with innovation and creativity and a focus on ethical engineering that can change the world for the better.” - Professor Ian Robertson, Programme Leader

As the Online Programme Leader, Professor Ian Robertson ensures students learn from outstanding academics who are excited by the power engineering has to change the world. His own teachings are in the areas of high-frequency electronics, the electronics industry and engineering management. He has taught a wide range of subjects over the years, from Product Design through to Sustainable Energy Systems and Mechatronics and Robotics; with research done alongside the Institute of Robotics, Autonomous Systems and Sensing, who promote cutting-edge research and education in the field of robotics, autonomous systems and sensing, with a strong focus on translational impact of their discoveries. This research and breadth of experience informs his work and gives students a truly diverse online learning environment.

One of the greatest challenges for engineering managers is to maintain a good understanding of emerging and disruptive technologies and be ready to adopt them when the time is right. Too early, and resources can be wasted. Too late, and the competition may have developed an unassailable lead in a new product type or business model. In Professor Ian Robertson’s own ‘Emerging and Disruptive Technologies’ module, you’ll learn to be prepared to face this challenge. You will look at how new technologies like Artificial Intelligence and the internet of things will transform our everyday life - from revolutionising communication to disrupting the way we travel.

The Internet revolution gives a number of case studies – spectacular successes and failures – for you to learn from. The digital revolution is by no means over, with new technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence and big data having profound impacts on nearly all industry sectors. As a student of the module, you will be up to date with a range of research areas, helping prepare you to manage the adoption of timely, new technologies within your own organisation - and as you are studying online alongside your career, you can apply learnings immediately.

In much the same fashion, all of the modules are informed by leading research, are innovative, yet highly relevant. The ability to undertake this cutting-edge course in an online space is what makes it a truly valuable asset to any engineer looking to transform their management skills.

Why Online Learning?

“Online learning is great for time management. The ability to utilise technology as a tool to read, revise, attend lectures and interact within a virtual classroom environment makes learning around a busy schedule possible.” - Aindreas Muldowney,  Engineering Management MSc (starting this September)

Online learning provides the opportunity to learn in a variety of ways that are beneficial to you as a career-focused professionals. You have the freedom and convenience to choose when and where to study, enabling you to fit learning into personal and professional schedules.

Studying through an advanced virtual learning environment (VLE) gives a wide range of interactive and collaborative learning opportunities, such as video and audio as online learning tools, case studies, digital feedback on assessments, and online tutor support.

Other activities prevalent during the online learning journey include:

  • Weekly live tutorials – these sessions involve both a tutor and other students and are run twice to ensure you have the chance to join and are able to fit study around your schedule.
  • Virtual discussion forums – you will join regular discussions with fellow students for peer to peer learning.
  • Interactive assessments – forms of assessment include essays, live and pre-recorded presentations, multiple-choice and short-answer exams, reflective logs and group discussions – all virtual.
  • Online learning material – content is available 24/7 through the VLE and PDFs are downloadable for offline reading.

While studying, students are building a global network of like-minded engineering professionals. They can virtually introduce themselves to their peers and interact with group activities in discussion forums and networking across the globe with ease.

In addition to the ease in learning and other flexible benefits this online offering provides, the Engineering Management MSc has the added bonus of being a CMI-accredited premium course. This accreditation ensures engineers are equipped with the expertise needed to take a leadership-level role in the industry. Offering much more than a generic MBA, the course provides real-world knowledge of the principles of management in an ever-changing and multidisciplinary engineering sector.

Find out more about how you can become one of tomorrow’s engineering leaders by visiting our website.

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