11 simulation projects to inspire efficiency in your next design

This magazine contains wide-ranging examples of how numerical simulation is being used to transform R&D and product design at leading organizations.

Multiphysics Simulation 2017, an IEEE Spectrum insert, covers the latest on numerical modelling and simulation apps. The magazine highlights how vehicular electrification companies, 5G component manufacturers, and large scientific research groups are breaking new grounds with multiphysics modelling.

Learn how the Large Hadron Collider team at CERN designed a fault protection device that helped avoid costly shutdowns of the collider’s cooling systems. You can also explore case studies from engineers at various organizations to find out how:

  • Nokia Bell Labs captured the interplay between an oscillating piezoelectric fan and the surrounding airflow
  • Manufacturing Technology Centre took a new approach to part design and interdisciplinary research
  • Faraday Future created innovative motor designs for electric cars
  • Signal Microwave designed specialized connectors used for high-speed RF applications

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