New technology that’s revolutionising local flexibility markets

We met with Randolph Brazier, Director of Innovation & Electricity Systems at Energy Networks Association (ENA) to discuss local flexibility markets and how ENA are world-leading in this area.

The Open Networks Project is designed to help deliver the smart grid in the UK and Ireland. The project involves all ENA electricity members at both transmission and distribution to ensure the transition of Distribution Networks Operators (DNOs) from passive asset owners, to smart, integrated, and modern system operators.

Innovation has played a critical role in the Open Networks Project in trialling and testing different smart grid and automated techniques on the networks to drive more flexibility. Decarbonisation has also been a key driver for the project; the UK's energy networks have a range of new low carbon and net zero technology connected to the electricity grid with the aim to transition to smarter networks and, decarbonise the electricity networks. 

Watch the full interview to find out how ENA have used innovation to help deliver cleaner, smarter energy, and how the Open Networks Project will transform the way local distribution networks operate in the future. 

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If you'd like more information on the Open Networks Project, you can also can contact Randolph Brazier on LinkedIn

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