Amplicon introduce new high power, small form factor embedded PC

UK electronic specialist, Amplicon, is once again first to market with the latest technology. With over 40 years of manufacturing experience based firmly in engineering delivering exceptional industrial computing solutions is second nature. Combine this with a wide range of Data Communications, Measurement & Control, and Security Automation products and Amplicon can provide the complete solution.


High computing power and small spaces are not generally considered a good match. The key is excellent thermal design, even more so when space limiting factors are introduced. Material used, airflow and ambient air temperature play a large role in combining the most unlikely of partners. Not getting the balance exactly right will cause over heating and severely reduce any Mean-Time-Before-Failure (MTBF) and ultimately the life of the system. Traditional fan cooled systems require large amounts of lower temperature circuiting air in order to run within the limits of the components, they also require filters that will require regular servicing in order to maintain the air flow. 


Amplicon has introduced the new Impact-D 160, a powerful Embedded PC fully packed with exceptional features. The new system offers increased computing power thanks to its Skylake processor, is I/O rich and security availability is greater than in previous models. 

End users can benefit from its surprisingly small form factor, which is perfectly suited to applications in markets such as transportation, security and automation. 

Designed and built in the UK, the new Impact-D 160 from Amplicon will offer two processor options: i5 and i3. Additionally, minimal design constraints enable the Impact-D 160 to be adapted and customised to suit a specific set of requirements for any application.


The unit offers mSATA and a mechanical/solid-state drive capability for storage and OS requirements. Support of both cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to “stay connected” even if you lose the Gigabit Ethernet connections ensuring maximum up time. 

The Impact-D 160 comes with four DB9 serial communications ports: two supporting mixed protocol (RS232, 422, 485) and two static RS232, with options for an extra four ports of your choice. This gives the unit ease of operation in both new and legacy applications for serial control. 

Gavin Chalkley, Amplicon Industrial Computing Product Specialist commented: “The Impact-D 160 is an exceptionally compact and powerful unit designed and built by Amplicon to meet the most demanding applications where space is limited. We are confident our customers will find in these new units the perfect match to outperform in any application.”

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