Promoted: Panel debate: Trends, innovations & human impacts of artificial intelligence

Chaired by E&T Technology Editor, Tim Fryer, our expert panel discusses AI aspects from trusting AI and workforce requirements to information exchange and their top tips. Available to watch with no registration from this page.

The third in our series of E&T panel debates is discussing artificial intelligence. Our speakers will be talking about trends, innovations and the human impact of AI, machine learning, edge computing and deep learning. Rather than focussing on a particular area of AI we’re talking about how all these different facets connect with each other.

The questions we put to our panellists include:

  • To what extent is AI really genuine intelligence?
  • What are the trends looking forward?
  • What are the implications of AI making decisions quicker than humans can check them?
  • How do we go about ensuring AI operates in a fair and ethical way?
  • Are designers aware of how to use AI in the products they design?
  • Do manufacturing engineers recognise the potential of AI?
  • What’s the ongoing effect of AI on tech jobs - additional knowledge & skills required?
  • How can SMEs get started? 
  • Is there tech being developed by large companies that could be transferred to non-competitive applications?

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The Speakers

Nadia Abouayoub FRSA, AI Strategist - Strategist and specialist on Innovation for the Financial Sector. She is a member of the IET’s Expert Digital Panel and member of the British Computer Society’s Artificial Intelligence Specialist Group Committee. She is currently a Lecturer/ Module Leader on a newly created MSc in Data of Science at the University of London.

Prof. Nick Colosimo, BAE Systems - Principal Technologist – Disruptive Technologies, and Lead Engineer Future Combat Air System (FCAS) for Technology. He’s designed, developed, and flight tested a range of autonomous systems technologies (including world firsts) using AI so brings a practical real world and systems engineering perspective.

Jos Martin, MathWorks - Director of Engineering for Parallel Computing and Cloud Platform Integration. Jos previously worked as a consultant writing large-scale MATLAB applications, particularly in the finance and automotive sectors.

Jack Marshall, Beckhoff - An Applications Engineer at Beckhoff Automation, he assists users in making the best use of industrial automation controls from Networked PLCs to Machine Vision.

Dr. Philip Clarke, dSpace - Works for dSPACE, a company that provides technology and services for the development and test of embedded systems in the automotive and aerospace domains. 

Tim Fryer (Chair) E&T Magazine, the IET - Technology editor. Tim trained as a mining engineer but forged a career in technical journalism. He edited titles in several disciplines including landscape architecture and facilities management, but the vast majority of his 30 year career has been in the engineering sector.

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