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The IET’s membership is comprised of some of the industry’s key decision makers, with over 47% of our members holding a purchasing budget of more than £20k. We offer a variety of effective lead generation solutions that are targeted, tailored and trackable, enabling you to engage with your chosen engineering / technology audience in a meaningful way.

The IET’s database of more than 220,000 engineering contacts.
For those considering lead generation solutions such as white papers, webinars or native advertising, you can maximise your return by ensuring that content is original, insight-led and relevant to our audience of passionate engineers. With the ability to segment our engineering contact database by job title, industry and beyond, a survey through the IET is a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights into the engineering landscape that can inform your marketing activities, product development and beyond.

Who? A bespoke audience based on criteria such as geo-location, job title, technical interest and industry level. 
How? E&T Webinars are, without doubt, one of the most engaging ways to reach and convert your maximal audience from within the IET. In conjunction with our marketing and editorial teams, we provide a full support service and help you to select hot topics and particular areas of interest from amongst our technical communities. We provide all the technical back-up and support you need to run your webinar, full training of your speakers, moderation of your Q&A if required and full promotion before and after the webinar to ensure maximum engagement with your chosen audience. 

White Papers

Who? A bespoke audience based on criteria such as geo-location, job title, technical interest and industry level
How? Turn your existing White Paper, Technical Article, Case Study or Video into a lead generation tool enabling you to engage with your engineering audience by demonstrating how you’ve solved a problem they may face in their jobs.

Native Advertising
Who? Visitors to E&T Online, plus recipients of E&T News.
How? Native is the perfect platform to share case studies, product information and research findings, enabling you to align your messaging with leading editorial content that will look and feel just like one of our award-winning editorial pieces with the benefit of being trackable.

Briefing / Roundtables
Who? Delegates from your chosen audience.
If you’re looking to directly influence between 15 and 25 key, high profile influencers and decision makers through a highly engaged meeting, E&T’s briefings and roundtables are the perfect solution. Our dedicated marketing team will design and produce a bespoke marketing campaign in order to invite delegates who are specifically matched to your target audience.

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