Oath builds an engineering brand

Oath, a Danish-based agency, wanted to reach the UK engineering and technology market as part of a European branding campaign for their client, Sandvik. Working with E&T, they were able to share content with a wider engineering audience on Sandvik’s work in the autonomous vehicle construction market. This generated greater awareness and interest in Sandvik.

About Oath

Oath is a Danish-based agency providing marketing solutions which “build brands”. A Verizon company, Oath is also home to media, tech and communication brands that one billion people love and trust including Yahoo, Aol and tumblr.

About Sandvik

Sandvik, a client of Oath, is an engineering group specialising in materials technology, metal-cutting, and mining and rock excavation.

Making Sandvik’s voice heard

Oath has been working with Sandvik to build their brand and form deeper relationships with partners and customers.

“The challenge of a branding campaign is ensuring that Sandvik’s story is not just well-told, it’s also well heard,” says Sandra Rasmussen, a Content Distribution Manager at Oath. “This means reaching a targeted audience and being able to measure the extent to which that audience is listening, so we can be sure that what we’re doing is effective.”

Finding the right publisher

Oath found a great publisher for Sandvik’s story in E&T, given that it produces and distributes content to a global engineering and technology audience. This includes the IET’s 168,000+ active members, a large proportion of which are UK-based engineers and technologists.  

“E&T also gave us the option to design our campaign entirely around digital platforms,” says Sandra. “This meant we received traceable stats on all the stages of the booking and had complete transparency on the campaign’s effectiveness.”

A campaign using content

Oath and E&T planned a campaign to run for one month. They collaborated on an article on Sandvik’s work, along with an embedded video, which was published on E&T’s website.

E&T promoted the article by:

  • text boxes in five of its email newsletters, each with an opt-in audience of approximately 62,000
  • targeted social media posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. The embedded video was also hosted on YouTube.


The article on Sandvik’s work ranked as ‘most viewed’ (3,128 views) on the E&T website, during the 4 week period that the campaign was running.

It also had an impressive dwell time of 4 mins 30 seconds - indicating that users were not just navigating to the page, they were engaging with the content.

Within each email newsletter audience, 37,000 were IET members – and they showed above average interest in Sandvik’s text box. The average text box receives 71 clicks.

On Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, there were 162,012 impressions of the post promoting Sandvik’s article. This resulted in 738 clicks from LinkedIn and Twitter users and 603 actions on Facebook. YouTube brought Sandvik’s video extra visibility, attracting 260,853 viewers.

 “It was great that the content we published with E&T managed to capture the attention of our audience, while still being true to the brand using the important information from the press-release and video. I have really appreciated the flexibility of working with E&T and will definitely reach out to them for future campaigns.”

Sandra Rasmussen

Content Distribution Manager, Oath


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