Climate change: the great engineering challenge of tomorrow

When Protolabs approached us with the idea of a curated and comprehensive resource of global knowledge for design engineers to become more sustainable in their work, we thought this was an important step along the road to sustainability.

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With Protolabs’ initiative, along with their background in supporting innovation in key industries that could turn the tide on global carbon emissions, combined with our own expertise in engineering, technology and manufacturing, we knew this partnership could potentially make a real difference. 

The InspirON Sustainability Series consists of video presentations and round table discussions with the involvement of experts and thought leaders in the various fields of sustainability, including circular economy, life-cycle analysis, materials technology, renewable energy, government legislation and consumer culture.

Read the full article to find out how the series has supported around 1,000 design engineers across Europe and will continue to support the community for years to come. 


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