ASG Power Systems share their latest innovations

David Klaus, CTO at ASG Power Systems, wanted to share his company’s innovative projects with interested parties, but was aware that they had limited market reach. As an IET member, David approached E&T to produce a webinar, knowing that E&T publishes content to a global engineering and technology audience, including potential ASG Power Systems customers.

E&T created a webinar which showcased ASG Power System’s work, attracted 273 participants on the day of launch and remained a resource that the company could use for promoting their products and services.  

About ASG Power Systems

ASG Power Systems, a UK subsidiary of ASG Superconductors, specialises in fault current limiters which can be used to stabilise networks and prevent blackouts. They have developed Superconducting Fault Current Limiters (SFCLs) which are made from magnesium diboride magnets produced by their parent company. This is a product that is beginning to gain recognition and find applications in sectors ranging from transport and energy storage to research and other industrial sectors.

An invitation list that's lacking

David wanted to share his company’s latest projects and technologies through a webinar. But he knew that alone he wouldn’t be able to extensively reach interested parties and future customers.

“I did not have an up-to-date list of potentially interested parties to invite to the webinar,” David explains. “But I felt there would be interest in one, given that ASG makes superconducting magnets for big science and that they’ve recently made a pair of magnesium diboride magnets for a 36kV pre-saturated core fault current limiter.”

Reaching the right people

David approached E&T knowing that they produce content for a global engineering and technology audience, including the professionals that he wanted to reach – “primarily UK DNO planning and new technology people”.

David and E&T agreed on a pre-recorded webinar presentation, with a 20-30 minute live Q&A session afterwards. David supplied the slides and sound files, and E&T worked with its supplier to bring them up to professional quality.

Pre-event, E&T promoted the webinar to a broad audience through their E&T News e-newsletter, and more targeted audiences associated with technical interest groups and journals. E&T also shared links to the webinar with ASG Power Systems so that they could promote it.

The webinar was hosted on E&T’s website and remained there for 12 months, available to E&T traffic and for ASG Power Systems to use for further marketing efforts.

Below is a sample from YouTube, the first 2 minutes of the webinar, which was hosted totally by ASG Power Systems.

Starting new conversations

The webinar attracted plenty of interest – with 399 people registering to watch it and 273 people watching it on the day of launch. After the webinar, people came forward with further questions, which ASG Power Systems followed up on by email.

ASG Power Systems also took the webinar to the technical fair CIGRE to showcase their work to delegates. 

“I think we got good terms from E&T and the webinar was very useful at CIGRE.”
David Klaus
Chief Technology Officer, ASG Power Systems

What did the audience think? Here's the survey results:


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