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Whether you’re looking to raise the profile of your brand, introduce prospective customers to a solution they might not yet know about, or simply to strengthen your position within the marketplace. We offer access to a huge and diverse audience the world over that is comprised of some of the industry’s key decision makers, as well as a range of advertising solutions that are tailored to help you achieve your campaign objectives by maximising exposure with high visibility opportunities.

E&T Magazine
More than 143,000 IET members
How? E&T Magazine is the IET’s award-winning member publication and presents an opportunity to advertise against relevant editorial that your target audience will turn to first. Published 10 times per year, so you can ensure your advertising is timely and targeted. To maximise the reach of our magazine audience, each issue is available digitally via our dedicated app on iTunes, Amazon & Google play.

E&T Covers

E&T Online
Who? More than 142,000 unique visitors per month, delivering more than 253,000 pageviews.
How? Through specific messaging, you will be able to both engage users and raise the profile of your brand amongst one of the industry’s largest audiences. Ads can be placed in high traffic areas within the E&T website, or can be more targeted within our specialist pages.

Daily Email Newsletter
More than 70,000 IET members & highly engaged engineers.
This opt-in email delivers breaking news and editorial content daily. With fantastic engagement rates, (average open rate 21%) advertising via E&T News is a great way to reach a diverse audience of engineers, with measurable results.

Solus Email
More than 47,000 highly engaged engineers
Developed to offer an opportunity for dedicated, in-depth solus promotion, E&T Magazine Connect is a branded solus email that offers the perfect platform to make your brand really stand out, giving you complete control of your messaging. As part of a wider integrated campaign, or simply as a one-off message, E&T Magazine Connect is the ideal solution to really drive results. Options available to target specific industry sectors.

Up to 143,000 IET members. 
If your brand communication requires a bit more depth, a dedicated E&T Magazine insert is the perfect solution through which to really educate your audience. Bound or loose inserts are available on the full circulation or on a split-run basis, giving you the freedom to promote your brand with your own material.

Native Advertising
Who? Visitors to E&T Online, plus recipients of E&T News.
How? The saying “content is king” has never been truer than it is today. Audiences are more digital savvy than ever, so to help cut through the noise we have developed a native advertising solution that will help you to deliver content and capture readers’ attention in an unobtrusive and authoritative manner that will lend credibility to your brand. 

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