Letters spelling out September

IET events this September

September sees the IET’s communities and technical networks begin their new sessions, which means there’s a great variety of lectures, visits and training on offer.

It’s back to business for the IET technical networks and communities now that summer’s over, and September is packed full of events to interest all our members.

There are a huge variety of topical lectures taking place, as well as technical visits to everything from cider farms and sewage works to big engineering businesses such as Siemens and BAE.

Several educational conferences are taking place as well as training courses and useful workshops for those looking for career advice.

Here are a few of our highlights for the month, but also be sure to check out the full IET events listings to find out about everything taking place near you.

09-12 September, 2013 International Conference on Radar, Adelaide, conference
11 September, Siemens Poole technical visit, Poole, visit
15-20 September, Satellite communication systems course 2013, Dicot, course
17 September, Lifeskills – effective negotiation, Bridgwater, workshop
17 September, Innovative fuel saving technology, Peterborough, lecture
18 September, Visit to the Battle of Britain Bunker, Uxbridge, visit
18 September, Designing the London Shard, Guildford, lecture
19 September, Developments in Airfield Engineering, Birmingham, lecture
23 September, TEDxAlbertopolis - A Tale of Two Cultures, London, conference
24 September, Engineers’ Question time, London, lecture
24 September, Skin Deep? Terahertz imaging for beginners, High Wycombe, lecture
26 September, BAE Aerospace open evening, Leighton Buzzard, visit
28 September, How to charter a career in the energy sector, Boston, conference

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