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IET events this June

Summer’s here and with it comes a great variety of social events and technical visits.

June plays host to some interesting lectures including one on the engineering behind bomb disposal and another looking at computing for the future of the planet.

There are also several technical visits across the UK and beyond, plus free lifeskills workshops where you can improve on your leadership skills as well as your CV.

But it’s not all about learning this month, there are also several fun exhibitions taking place, including the Cheltenham Science Festival.

In addition, IET networks have put together several great social events so you can get networking over a pub quiz, brewery visit or even at the Doctor Who Experience!

Here are a few of our highlights for the month, but also be sure to check out the full IET events listings to find out about everything taking place near you.

04-09 June, Cheltenham Science Festival, Cheltenham, exhibition
08 June, Technical visit to MTR Ho Tung Lau depot, Fo Tan, Hong Kong, visit
12 June, Young Entrepreneurs Challenge, Birmingham, competition
12 June, Lifeskills: leading and developing successful teams, Oxford, workshop
13 June, Railway quiz night, London, social event
14 June, The Doctor Who Experience, Cardiff, social event
17 June, Lifeskills: make an impact with your CV, Cambridge, workshop
18 June, Visit to Hinkley B and C, Bridgwater, visit
18 June, Raspberry Pi: a hands on introduction, Birmingham, seminar
19 June, Intelligent Cities conference, Leeds, conference
29 June, Tring brewery visit, Tring, visit
25 June, Prestige lecture: Computing for the future of the planet, York, lecture
26 June, The NSSL Lecture - Engineering in the Hurt Locker, Redhill, lecture
29 June, Rugby Techmagination Fair, Rugby, exhibition

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