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IET events this February

Perfect that CV, find out what graduate skills industry is looking for, or come along on a technical visit.

It may be the shortest month of the year, but that’s not stopping February from hosting a huge number of events.

This month there are several Lifeskills workshops taking place across the UK where you can improve your presentation skills, tighten up your CV and also learn more about project management.

There is also a great selection of lectures and visits on offer. Want to find out what graduate skills industry really wants, or have a look around an Airbus facility? Then get yourself registered to attend the relevant events below!

Here are a few of our highlights for the month, but also be sure to check out the full IET events listings to find out about everything taking place near you…

07 February, Visit to Airbus UK, Broughton North Wales, visit
07 February, Young Professionals’ Bowling at Parrs Wood, Manchester, social event
11 February, Delivering London 2012: ICT implementation and operations, London, seminar
12 February, Engineering Graduates – What Skills Are Needed Industry Panel, Dublin, lecture
13 February, Lifeskills: Making an impact with your CV, Derby, workshop
18 February, Turing Lecture, London, lecture
18 February, Biometric and Computer Security: Research Challenges, Newcastle, lecture
19 February, Professional Registration – How to Tackle It, Edinburgh, workshop
20 February, Lifeskills: Fundamentals of Project Management, Chester, workshop
27 February, Young Professionals Brewery Tour, Bolton, visit

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