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July events

There are many great technical visits taking place across the UK this month.

July is hosting a huge selection of technical visits across the UK, with opportunities for members and non members alike to explore BBC’s Nottingham studio, manufacturing at Jaguar and Didcot B Power Station amongst others.

There’s something for everyone, wherever your passion lies. Plus there are also some great social events including the continuing tour of A Pythagorean Cabaret and the month is topped off with the IET’s Innovation Awards 2012.

Below are a few of our highlights for the month, but also be sure to check out the full IET events listings to find out about everything taking place near you…

10 July, The Morgan-Botti Lightning Laboratory, Cardiff, technical visit
10 July, BEC Young Professionals Workshop, Birmingham, workshop
11 July, A Pythagorean Cabaret, Birmingham, social event
11 July, Didcot B Power Station, Didcot, technical visit
12 July, Engineer’s Question Time, Cardiff, symposium
18 July, International Space Innovation Centre (ISIC), Oxford, technical visit
25 July, IET India Functional Innovation Workshop, Bangalore, India, workshop
31 July, IET Innovation Awards 2012, London, prestige lecture

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