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IET events this January

Happy New Year! Why not burn off those Christmas dinner calories by getting out of the house and heading to a local IET event?

In January we often set goals for what we’d like to achieve over the next 12 months. If you’re looking to focus on your education and career in 2012 then the IET has some useful events taking place.

This month there are several workshops looking at professional registration and developing your portfolio of evidence as well as a number of events aimed at giving you more skills in the workplace, such as a business-focused tools.

You can take a look at the full listings, but below are a few of our highlights for the month…

09 January, The Science of Armageddon, Malvern, Lecture
10 January, Visit to Vodafone Network Operations, Newbury, Technical Visit
10 January, Thrust SSC, Peterborough, Lecture
11 January, Developing your portfolio of evidence, Chelmsford, Workshop
17 January, Engineers Question Time, Reading, Lecture
17 January, Lifeskills: Making an impact with your CV, London, Workshop
18 January, Making the Olympics happen: an engineer's perspective, Birmingham, Lecture
18 January, Professional registration: how to tackle it!, Inverness, Workshop
24 January, Developing your portfolio of evidence, Cardiff, Workshop
25 January, So you’re an engineer – let’s make you into a businessman too!,York, Workshop
30 January, Take control of your career, Newcastle, Workshop
31 January, Take control of your career, Leeds, Workshop

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