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The measure of: Romotow T8 rotating caravan

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Meet the Romotow T8, a unique caravan designed by New Zealand architecture firm W2 that has an inner section capable of rotating 90-degrees.

The rotating caravan – which resembles a USB stick when extended – has hit the market at £187,000 (NZ$375,000).

Designed by New Zealand-based architecture firm W2, the travel trailer is a futuristic two-part design. One portion of the structure is immovable, while the other can rotate to a 90-degree position at the push of a button to create a covered patio area.

Thanks to the integrated automated hydraulic system, the swivel action can be completed in less than a minute.


Romotow T8 rotating caravan

Image credit: Cover Images


Designed for up to six people, Romotow includes a saloon with a kitchenette, shower, and main bedroom that can sleep two adults.
The dining area features wraparound panoramic windows, a fold-down table and two bench seats, which fold out into a comfortable sleeping area.

The Romotow luxury caravan is customisable with options including appliance upgrades, pop-up and wall-mounted televisions, multi-zone sound system, and an outdoor projector TV with pull-down screen.

Vital statistics: Romotow T8

External length: 9.3m

External height: 3.35m

Internal height (in cabin): 2.05m

External width when opened: 7.54m

External width when closed: 2.45m

Floor area (camp mode): 29m2

Gross trailer mass (GTM): 3,400kg

Berth: 4-6 people

Degrees cabin can rotate: 90°

Price of caravan in New Zealand dollars: NZ$375,000 

Number of people the caravan can hold: 6

The lithium battery that it runs off is charged by a 395W solar panel on the roof: 200Ah

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