Gadgets: Char-Broil electric barbecue, Targus EcoSmart keyboard and more

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From the April 2023 issue of E&T: barbecuing, shopping, cleaning, drinking, typing and lighting all transformed with technology.

Char-Broil Smart-E


This electric barbecue offers outdoor cooking at the touch of a button... and without CO2 emissions, if you’re on a renewable electricity tariff. Control temperature precisely, from a slow 90°C to a searing 370°C; there’s even pyrolytic auto-cleaning so no more scrubbing grills.


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Add these Wi-Fi-connected bands to food containers and other household consumables for automatic top-ups when you’re running low. The sleeve fits around the base of a jar and contains a built-in scale to assess the right moment to reorder, with prices matched and free delivery.

From £30

Targus Energy Harvesting EcoSmart Keyboard


Today’s low-power Bluetooth wireless tech uses so little energy that this keyboard never needs charging, even though it’s backlit. It harvests electricity using advanced amorphous silicon photovoltaic cells, optimised for indoor lighting, and is made from up to 85 per cent recycled plastic.


LG CordZero A9 Kompressor with Steam Power Mop


Coming soon, this cordless vacuum cleaner doubles as a steam cleaner, complete with rotating mop pads for gleaming hard floors. It also comes with an innovative tower docking station that automatically empties the dust container while the cleaner recharges.


Momax Smart Water Bottle 600ml


An insulated drinks bottle with a difference, this tracks your hydration via a smartphone app. There’s even a reminder to swig and a temperature alarm. It charges magnetically overnight and then is good for a 30-hour day (which is how long some days feel, after all).


Bioo Lux Lite


A stunning planter and designer light combined: touch the plant and the white pot lights up. The €590 original is made from translucent, handmade porcelain ceramic with a cork base. This more affordable version uses 100 per cent recycled polymer.


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