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Hands-on review: Vactidy Blitz V8 cordless vacuum cleaner

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A new VACuum cleaner company arrives to help keep things TIDY.

A(nother) new Chinese brand of home electronics launches, with a company name apparently based on a portmanteau word intended to encapsulate the core functionality of its products, kind of like a headphone company calling itself EarsMusic.

As it turns out, Vactidy is actually a sub-brand of the more established parent company Proscenic, a number of whose own-brand vacuum cleaners we have previously enjoyed.

Not that there's an awful lot to distinguish Vactidy products from those of Proscenic. Vactidy's Nimble T6 robot vacuum cleaner, for example, looks an awful lot like Proscenic's 850T robot vacuum cleaner and its cordless stick vacuums also clearly share design genes.

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With a name as specific as Vactidy, at least, we have to assume it's not going to also branch out into air purifiers or air fryers, but you never know.

Not that any of this corporate posturing is at all unusual or disingenuous, we hasten to add. Many ostensibly competing brands in all different areas of consumer life are ultimately owned by one super-mother umbrella corporation, from fast cars to fast fashion. Why should vacuum cleaners be any different?

What the launch of Vactidy apparently does is allow Proscenic to tweak the spec and put a fresh spin on iterations of its existing product designs, floating them out into the world under a new brand and at a different price point.

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Certainly, the positioning so far appears to be that Vactidy exists at a more accessible level. Most of the features of its premium brethren; less of the capital outlay required. In these austere and troubled times, that's good news for the consumer and also for the company if they can shift more units via this two-pronged vacuum assault.

Vactidy makes its debut with this Blitz V8 cordless vacuum cleaner. It's not clear from the promotional literature to what the 8 refers, so we're surmising that it has been chosen to elicit an associative emotive resonance with the V8 engine of some of the finest automobiles ever built. While the Blitz is no Rolls-Royce of the vacuum world, it is a powerful enough machine to do the job.

With a 40,000RPM motorised roller brush and 2000Pa of powerful suction, the Blitz will indeed help you tear through your household chores. It also features cyclonic four-stage HEPA filtration, to clean the expelled air, and solid battery life, with a runtime of up to 35 minutes per charge (in low-power mode; 20-25 minutes in high-power mode) and fast-charge capability for the single battery to full in around four hours.

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The battery can be easily slipped out for recharging, which is good as not everyone will want to mount the whole machine on the wall, however cool this looks in promotional images. The removable battery also makes it swappable, so you can pack a spare for longer jobs (sold separately, natch).

The Blitz is lightweight (2.3kg) and easy to use, switching from stick-style to handheld in a snap, and comes with a neat crevice tool and 2-in-1 dusting brush to add to its charms. Yes, it also has those ubiquitous 'headlights' on the front, so you can thoroughly vacuum into even the darkest recesses under sofas and beds. The 180° swivel steering means you can manoeuvre comfortably around most obstacles. The dustbin capacity of 500ml is not the largest we've seen, so you'd be best advised to empty it after every session. This is an easy one-button job at least.

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None of the V8's 'tech spec' figures surpasses those of either of the Proscenic cordless vacuum cleaners we previously reviewed, but raw numbers alone aren't always the make-or-break comparison they're sometimes touted as.

The Blitz V8 is primarily aimed at people living in smaller homes and flats and who don't have wall-to-wall shag carpetting in every room. For quick and dirty immediate cleaning jobs, or the routine once-over once a week, especially where floor surfaces are predominantly wood and veneer flooring, ceramic tiles and regular rugs - as well as for car upholstery out in the street, thanks to its cordless freedom - the Blitz V8 performs admirably and at a very fair price. If you shop cannily, taking advantage of various promotional vouchers and welcome offers out there, you could clean up in more ways than one.

Vactidy Blitz V8


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