Gadgets: Keen WK400 shoes, Aether Eyewear, Glüxkind Ella stroller and more

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From the March 2023 issue of E&T, technology that transforms paper planes, turntables, sunglasses, prams, plant pots, even walking.

Keen WK400


The curved sole of this walking shoe (10mm drop) propels you forwards and a super-sized 31mm of toe spring literally puts a spring in your step. Nearly 10,000 hours of design and development, and 5,000 miles of testing, contributed to its all-new geometry.


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Audio-Technica AT-SB2022


Spin tunes anywhere with this update of the iconic 1980s ‘Sound Burger’ portable turntable. The belt-driven turntable plays 33 and 45 RPM vinyl. The revamp includes 12-hour battery life, Bluetooth streaming, USB-C charging port and replaceable ATN3600L stylus.


Aether Eyewear


Stylish new glasses and sunglasses with Bluetooth aptX speakers hidden in the arms, so you can enjoy your chosen soundtrack discreetly and still hear the world. The sound adapts to your surroundings. They weigh less than 40g and an aluminium case charges them in less than an hour.




Clever, self-watering plastic plant pots that arrive flat. You fold them into their final form, origami-style. A cord tucked inside wicks water to the plant. They’re made from waste polypropylene, or pick a Saved from the Sea pot made from recycled fishing nets.

From £14 

Glüxkind Ella


This self-driving stroller, with AI obstacle detection, keeps pace with you when there’s no baby on board, leaving both hands free for child-wrangling. When a child’s in there, the robotics offer electric assist, making it a doddle to push. It can rock them to sleep too. This year in the US, next year in Europe.

Around $3,800 



Turn any paper plane into a remote-controlled stunt plane with Bluetooth, app control, twin motors and up to 10 minutes of flight time. Loop, barrel roll and hammerhead with ease. The kit includes all the gizmos plus templates for making a lightweight plane (20g max) from paper, balsa wood or foam.


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