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Hands-on review: MacMate wireless charging station

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Turn your Apple MacBook USB-C charger into a multi-device wireless charging station.

Back in October, we reviewed the OneWorld 65 global multi-device charger, a plug that will happily deliver you reliable AC wall-socket power in practically any country on Earth.

Now, here's a companion piece from OneAdaptr, the company behind both products. The MacMate dovetails perfectly with the OneWorld 65, but also makes for a fine standalone multi-device charger.

If you already have the OneWorld 65, the addition of the MacMate extends its usefulness (OneAdaptr actually sells a bundle of both products, dubbed the 'MacMate Pro'), but the MacMate is a perfectly useful and desirable product by itself.

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Compatible with any Apple MacBook Air or MacBook Pro USB-C charger (30W, 35W, 61W, 67W, 87W, 96W or 140W), you plug the MacMate's cable into the charging brick and, bingo bango, you've got a 10W wireless charger, one 60W USB-C PD charging port and one 20W USB PD charging port. Now you can charge a MacBook, an iPhone and and iPad simultaneously, all from a single wall plug. Other USB-C devices can also be charged with MacMate, naturally. If you can plug it in or drop it on, MacMate will charge it.

This all makes for a much tidier desk and bedside cabinet at home and it's equally beneficial when you're on manoeuvres. If you're taking your laptop with you, take MacMate as well and you can charge pretty much anything. If you want to travel even lighter, just take the laptop plug (or a OneWorld 65) and MacMate and you've got most bases covered.

MacMate handles the power distribution to the two USB-C ports and the wireless-charging pad. Given a minimum input requirement of 30W (a 20W iPad Pro charger won't cut it), Output 1 can then deliver up to 60W (5V3A, 9V3A, 12V3A, 15V3A, 20V3A) and Output 2 up to 20W (5V3A, 9V2.22A, 12V1.67A). Output 3 is the 10W wireless charger on top.

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Image credit: OneAdaptr

Weighing a meagre 50g and smaller than a CD case, MacMate will possibly be your least bothersome travel companion. Coupled with the OneWorld 65, it's a dream team for any destination, especially if your gadgets hail primarily from the Apple ecosystem.

The price may be a little higher than you might hope (around £40; offers and discounts are available), but the value and flexibility is really second to none. Just the 30W USB-C power adapter alone from Apple is £39, while the price of more powerful models climbs exponentially higher (67W is £69; 96W is £79; 140W is £99). Apple does also offer a 35W dual USB-C power adapter for £69, but this doesn't have the MacMate's wireless-charging pad nor the OneWorld 65's global flexibility. The MacMate Pro bundle for both is currently £93 from Oneadaptr.

If charging multiple Apple devices is your regular need, MacMate is a friend indeed.



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