Gadgets: Yale Floodlight Camera, Honor 70 smartphone and more

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From the December 2022 issue of E&T: technology to transform home security, vlogging, gaming, motorcycling and more.

Yale Floodlight Camera


This weatherproof, mains-powered, HD camera features a 2,000-lumen floodlight, 10m night vision, two-way talking and a 110dB siren. Add a memory card to store footage, so you can use it via Wi-Fi – with app alerts, live view and recent recordings – all without paying a monthly fee.


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Honor 70


A sleek smartphone with a bright OLED screen and top-notch cameras. Triple sensors include a 54MP primary and 50MP wide-angle, plus a 2MP sensor for arty bokeh. Its unique solo-cut mode can shoot two videos at once: a wide shot plus a tight shot that tracks an individual, perfect for vlogging.

From £429.99

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This high-end, 42-inch screen goes from flat to curved at the touch of a button. Pick from 20 levels of curvature, up to a maximum 900R (an arc with a 900mm radius). The immersive, curved picture is ideal for gamers, who will also love its speedy 0.1ms response time, Dolby Atmos virtual surround-sound and built-in echo-cancelling mic.


Shellios Puros


A New Delhi-based start-up has created this motorcycle helmet that filters out PM2.5 and other harmful particulates from the air. Its H13 HEPA filter offers fast airflow, not fogging. The innovation is protecting riders in Indian cities, which rank among the most polluted on the planet, but it could save lives all over the world.

RS4,500 (approx £48)

Laica Visione


At last, a high-tech kettle that makes the most of your efficient induction hob. It automatically shuts off at boiling temperature (a metal plate in it lifts, turning off the hob just like lifting a saucepan). There’s no need for a whistle and you can fill the glass kettle from any angle. Early Indiegogo funders are getting theirs now; production models are imminent.


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Aerative Portable Dryer


The ‘legs’ of this 28cm-long travel gadget open, doing double duty. Spread them wide into a coat hanger shape to dry clothes or narrow to poke into a pair of wet shoes. Either way, the mains-powered device uses warm air to dry them and UV light to sterilise them, with a timer that powers off after up to eight hours.


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